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Akira Armstrong Pretty BIG Movement. Feb 27th, 7pm GMT

You can join Akira for this workshop and a live Q&A on feb 27th, 7.00pm GMT.

£15.00 per household

Join the founder and CEO of Pretty BIG movement for a live hip hop class streaming direct to you from NEW YORK CITY.

After studying dance from a young age, Akira decided to pursue it professionally.

Akira says she took a chance attending auditions in NYC for Beyoncé’s World Tour after some encouragement from a friend. The world tour wasn’t meant to be but sure enough Akira was to feature in 2 of Beyoncé’s music videos ‘Greenlight’ and ‘Get me bodied’ from the album ‘B Day’

Akira also performed with Lizzo at the MTV VMAs 2019.

Pretty BIG movement was established is response to negative trends within the industry. Akira was keen to get an agent and was consistently told she was good but they ‘didn’t know what to do with her’ or that they would struggle to market her.

This fuelled Akira’s ambitions and helped her create PRETTY BIG MOVEMENT.

Pretty BIG movement is a professional dance company that celebrates plus-sized dancers, their talents and showcases them to the world.

Akira Armstrong or Pretty BIG movement on Facebook.

Pretty BIG movement merchandise can be purchased at: